Early Morning Hassles.

When you wake up in the morning…how do you feel?  Do you feel refreshed from your long nights sleep and sweet dreams? Do you feel the need to begin your day as fast as possible, or press the snooze button for just another few minutes? When you wake up in the morning…do you feel sad?


Before Sam I would wake up, each and every morning feeling near invincible.  The feeling of, I can’t die, no one can kill me.  This all changed when I began to fall in love with her, and it scared me.  It still does, but this morning I woke up…and I felt this feeling again.  This feeling on invincibility. I think that scares me more. 


Our fight last night wasn’t anything big, but I did realize something.  I love her to death, but we have grown so close, we are nearly the same person in a sense.  It’s not that we’ve drifted.  He do what every couple usually does…the reassuring feeling that they love you is so strong, you can let them go and do their own thing…go to movies with friends and other things.  But this feeling.  Why would I feel like this? Nothing has changed between Sam and I that I know of.  I still love her, she still loves me…fight or not.


Could it be something else?  Another outside factor not related to Me and her? For the longest time now I have seen my life in two ways. With, and Without her.  It’s almost like seeing everything in two shades of Black and white, say for Dark Gray and Light Gray.  This is different.  This isn’t anything to either of them.  I feel the fact I am so reassured of her has set the match on fire for this flame…my question is, what was it that threw the match into the gasoline.   Could it be the fact Halloween is tomorrow?  MY day of the year? The fact of I had nothing to eat yesterday and never realized it?  Either or those two makes sense.  However…it’s something I am just not sure of. 


~ by Joseph Jackson on 10/30/2008.

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