What Would You Do For Your True Love?

What would you do for the one that means the most to you? Would you follow the saying “If you truly love someone, let them go, and if they come back, then it’s meant to be?” For me, I followed this saying, and am in fact still following this saying. The love of my life found herself torn, but not torn in a way I can blame her.

As much as she wants to blame it all on herself, I hold nothing against her. She wants to go out, experience her High School as best as she can, away from the ropes and cables of a commitment. Can I blame her? She once told me “Sometimes, The best things in life come just a little too soon.”

Never more has this saying been true, but in that it left me with one simple question. At least, a question that sounds simple, but when considering everything, all the feelings, the little emotions…it was the hardest question I had ever had to answer. Back and forth for weeks she and I went, as though a large scale emotional boxing match. However, it was one really neither of us wanted to win, because neither of us wanted to hurt the other anymore.

Should true love be this complicated? Or like the fairy tales do all great things come with a price to pay? Perhaps this IS my fairy tale.

I guess to sum up the entire article I have to ask this to you, the reader. What would YOU do for a life of happiness with someone you love, and who loves you more than the world? Would you deal with a little pain? Would you go to the end of the world with them? Would you stand by their side, place your hand on their shoulder when they cry just because when they cry a tear, your heart cries one as well? Or would you abandon them?

I chose………her.


~ by Joseph Jackson on 03/03/2009.

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