Iris Photography Features: The Photography Artwork of Patual

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First off..I want to say what an honor it is to do this. When I began posting my work on he was one of the first to notice my Photography.  It was quite nice to have someone as talented as this artist is notice MY work lol. I finally worked up the courage to ask him if I could do a feature on him and in fact his artwork.  He agreed and I asked him to choose which photos he liked the best of his own and to say a few words on each. 


Patual’s Deviantart Page can be found in the links section.




Now..for the Feature.




“This piece is for me very important, as I myself think I managed to get some emotions into it, something that remains there forever. Seized to moment to say.”


 Forgotten lands

“As for this image, I like the atmosphere I created here, composition seems allright to me, so I just happen to be happy with this image.”


 There is always a way down

“This image has to be my best image it has rhytm, contrast, correct tone, good composition, so its a definet pick. Shooting this image was rather tricky, I spent over 30 minutes to set up camera properly, then I did the exposuring, I did many many shots til I got one with correct exposures.”


 left to be broken

“I chose this because it was so hard shot, I’ve tried photographing that place for so many times with so many fails, finaly I did it, with tripod and 3 exposures compiled to one. I finally did it!”


 This way to winter

“This image holds so many feelings to me that I had to pick it.”


 As for me, I started photography a year ago, with canon IXUS 950IS. Shortly I started thinking about buying a dslr, but I waited another 6 months, on may 18th I bought canon EOS 400D, which I am using now. Now I’m thinkin about nikon D700 or canon 5D, as I don’t want to buy anymore lenses for my 400D as they would be pretty useless for 5D (as its full format sensor, and 400d is apc-s, which crops 1.6x, so wide angle lens for 5D would be waste, atleast how I see it.

Basicly what got to me into photography was that trip to thailand, and my mom (:P) buying me a camera.

What photography is for me?
with photography I can stop the clocks.
I can transfer my feelings to photo
I can capture the world as I see it and show it to other people
Thats why I love photography.

For me post-process playes a role in photography, in digital photography the different is that we use photoshop, and lightroom instead of chemicals ( in analog photography ). I see photoshop as easier way to post process image, as we all know post-processing has been there always, even in film photography you can change atleast following things with post-process:
Contrast, tones and exposure, same things as photoshop does. It just was alot harded with chemicals.

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This went amazingly well. Any comments for this would be great!!!!!!!!!


The Digital Art of Juan Meléndez

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I chose to feature this artist because he is for one, a long time friend of mine for many years and as well one of the greatest insperations to me.  I have worshiped his artwork for many years.  These are some of his own work, hand picked by the artist himself.



 “Rather shallow work on the cruxifiction of christ, the blending is, however, one of my best” 



  “Funnest piece, of my favorite musicians; it captures quite well the essence of ’69” 


“I added this piece because a friend of mine loves it, I however regard it as too simplistic, even for me.” 


 “One of my earliest works, remember I got applauded for the simplicity that will later be my moto.”



  “Another one of my early works, I chose Marilyn since she is a simbol of glamour and sexuality.” 


 “This one is rather different from the rest in this presentation; however I had to add Savage, he is just that good.”




The Watermark on my photos.

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I have Watermarks on some of my photos to prevent those who would want to steal them. However, upon closer look some of these water marks ruin the images. SO…If in any case anyone wishes to buy a watermarked photo, I will take the watermark out on their request. Thank you.

Why do I try?

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I know that this will go un-noticed, and either way will make little difference, but it’s something I need to say. Why is it we try to make those sad feel better?  Why do we want to change the way they feel, and make them happier?  Is it some longing in our own life? Is it some absolute desire to be a hero? Or is it something else? Something more…


I love her…more than anyone could ever imagine.  She really saved me from myself, and from the world around me. I have tried to return the favor but in my trials I have learned something.  Sometimes, people are just depressed.  They take it out on those they love with out really knowing it.  They don’t want to hurt them and make themselves feel worse, so they stay away, become almost distant in a way.  They don’t do this out of selfishness; they do it out of love.  As strange as it may sound, it’s the truth.  It’s something that is hard for everyone to accept. When the love of my life is down, I want to do anything to see her happy.  But sometimes, people just want to be sad, just like sometimes people want to see things burn, or people just want to hear a certain song. It’s all a part of they way humans are.


I love my Girlfriend more than anything.  She’s the girl I have seen in my dreams since I was young. I always imagine an angel to come and save me from the horrors I faced as a child.  She was that angel, I saw it in her eyes the first time I met her and I can see it in her eyes every time I look into them, every kiss she gives me.  If she’s sad, I will always be there for her.  If she’s upset, or worried, or scared…I will always, ALWAYS be there for her, even if she doesn’t need it, or doesn’t wan to talk to anyone about it.  I’m always here for her.  It’s simply what you do for the one you love, and the one you know loves you back.

The new photo of the week…The Close up Cold

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I chose this new photo as the photo of the week not ebcause of the weather outside..because of what I went through to get this photo.


half an hour, trudging through knee deep snow in poor boots I went in search for the photos. THIS was the best photo out of 20 that I had taken on this run. So for this reason, I choose The Close up Cold for the photo of the week!!!

An Interesting Blog I saw today

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SO I was browsing and I happen to come across this post at

I left my thoughts on it. It’s an interesting post I would say.


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Yes yes yes…You say that right. I have had my first photo bought, framed and shipped out. The photo itself was the Morning Horse, which you can view here-

My photos..unlike any others I have seen, are FAR from expensive. your average 8X10 shot…+ Frame..I would say will run you anywhere from 15-20$

Others I have seen charge 70, 80, 150$ for photos this size.

Who whould YOU Choose?