Work Work, Money Made…..That Money Made

Work Work, Money Made…..That Money Made

I took the title from the Song Work Work Money Made, from AC/DC’s new album “Black Ice”

It in all honesty has nothing to do with This blog, but it’s a fitting title all in itself. Why do we work? Why is it we have these monotomous tasks that we work on each and every day for a living?

These are questions about the rand scheme in life I seem to ask myself day in and day out. Especilly when I’m on the bottling line at the Wine Factory. Is it really all worth it? The hassel? the trouble? the getting out of bed at 7 AM when all you want to do is lay there half naked and spread eagle just because your comfy? To me it is for one fact.

Money does itdeed rule the world. No this isn’t soemthing new, but it’s soemthing I have come to relize as no longer being a theroy. Why do I accept it? Love. With out my love I would have nothing, and all in all would probably not want to do anything. Shes the reason I get up in the morning and the reason I don’t want to sleep in the night. She’s the reason I believe there should be more hours in the day.

To me, she makes the work worth it.


Onto other things…I am sure some people are curious as to the weather here in my cold corner of the world…Well..Thats just it. ITS FREAKIN COLD!

We got dumped on the past twod ays and even thought they are GREAT photo shots…it’s still a mind numbing 20 Degrees outside.

I will post pictures of My Winter Wonderland here once I am off work. (((:



~ by Joseph Jackson on 12/01/2008.

3 Responses to “Work Work, Money Made…..That Money Made”

  1. As a photographer, you’re lucky to live in a place where you have four true seasons, especially when you can shoot all kinds of autumn shots (with multi-colored leaves) and winter shots (with snow). Here in Las Vegas the scenery never changes. It’s just hot for three months and cool the rest. On the other hand, if you like to photograph beautiful women, this place can’t be beat! 🙂

  2. yeah I get what you mean ’bout the money thing. If you like movies this one has a great line in it about ‘if you are working for someone else, you can’t learn the things you need to know for yourself’
    It’s from “off the map” and its about life off the grid.
    It’s even set right here in my neck of the world. In fact the big mtn range in the background is my stompin grounds, San Cristobal ,NM and Lama, NM
    check it out
    ps your photos rock

  3. Thank you very much..I much enjoy your website as well (:

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