So…It comes to this

A New president, a New look on America in terms of our reputation.  It comes as a shock to most who felt that the idea of a Black President would be a far off dream. Yet here I sit, proudly under the bright skies of a nation led by what most only hours ago would call a dream. Yet, is it the color of his skin that makes this country seem brighter?  Does his background and origin in life cause the heaviness in the air to lift? is simple. This was a time in a nation, and in a world where something needed to change, and needed to change for the better. This needed to be a big change, and Obama did this. He is no longer a man.  He is a Symbol…he is a Symbol of charge, of change and of hope in the United States, its colonies, and to those around the world.  There are those who care not, who believe nothing will change, but that fact is simple.  America was found on the principle of we are free, and we will live, fight, and die for the right to be free.  THAT is true patriotism and in the last 8 years there has been…things have changed.


Photo’s of the day…




I chose this photo because in my represents represents what we need to do for our country. Now granted doing this through Kittens off al things is a bit odd..but still 😛



This photo I chose as a reminder..this photo stands for the last 8 years of war and death that have killed so many loved ones.  Each leaf, like each soul lost over seas.



And this..I chose for Family, beauty, and for life.  This photo to me is beautiful, as I see the next few years to be. No it can not happen over night..but it certainly can help.


~ by Joseph Jackson on 11/05/2008.

3 Responses to “So…It comes to this”

  1. Amazingly written and it gave me chills.You’re a brilliant and great writer.I liked it…I had my mom read it and she liked it too.You did a good job if my mom likes it.


  3. The leaves are genius.

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