The Little Ruts in Life.

Throughout life everyone has there ups and downs.  A man once put life as the analogy of a Basketball.  His claim: “Life has it’s ups and downs and the entire time controlled by people much strong, more powerful and richer than you are”.  How true this is overshadowed by the fact of simple humor. 


This recent bout of being down had come to a climax today, and afterward I hit near Rock Bottom.  I did something that shocked most everyone around me. I almost gave up hope.  That was until my girlfriend, came to my rescue.  Her, and her mother helped me. 


I was on the verge of taking my camera back. The financial state of my family has gotten so low I have had to go days with out food in order so my siblings can eat.  It has to stop, and I thought that giving my camera back would put a little extra in my pocket so I wouldn’t be starving all the time.  It’s what most reasonable people would do in this situation, admit defeat and go home. Truth is I was never a reasonable person.  Photography is a passion, it is what I am.  Most of the time…its normal, nothing special, but every now and then you get that one perfect shot that gives you a feeling deep down in your heart.  I live for those feelings, and I refuse to let that go.  I thank my hero Sam and her Mother.  Both of them are so kind to me it’s almost unbelievable.


A few photos of the Day,



The first one is of the scene by my house. The vibrant colors have become to come alive. This is by FAR not a great picture, but the coloring themselves allow you to let your imagination run wild.  The second is of the pumpkin match near my house. Near where I live there is a large farm/pottery studio, and each year they sell many many pumpkins.  I worked there for quite some time actually. It was always an interesting place to work because it taught me a lot about people.  And of all things to teach me this…chickens.


No, your not insane, that is does in fact say chicken.  Chickens were in fact so social and had there own culture that it was amazing to watch them, and feed them, and watch them hatch. 


I appreciate feedback…any would be kind. I really would like to see this site grow into something great, and my photos sell so I can provide for my siblings so I don’t need to starve.  Thank you. 



~ by Joseph Jackson on 11/02/2008.

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