Deer with Death wish…

This is the first blog in my Photo Journalism task.  Throughout my life I have seen the strange, the unusual, and the amazing.  I want to share these things with the world, and so, I begin this task.


My mother recently hit a deer…This deer, was in fact a huge doe with two young fawns. They darted across the highway, even once leaping nearly over a car.  It darted across the highway, right into the path of my mother’s car. My Mother side swiped the deer with enough force to tear the fender up, and ultimately kill the deer.  These are the photos of the car.




My mother, she is fine.  Of all things she came home laughing like crazy about what had happened. 


This isn’t much of a first start, however it’s a start.  Any comments, tips, anything would be nice (:


~ by Joseph Jackson on 10/31/2008.

One Response to “Deer with Death wish…”

  1. Hey, how about getting a job photographing wrecked cars for Allstate! 🙂 Just kidding, but glad to know that your mom is okay.

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