Sam and I

As many who know me will know, Samantha is my Lover.  Her and I have known one another for about a year, and recently began seeing one another about 3 months ago.  Our Relationship in a way took off…Her and I both agree it feels like we’ve been going out for nearly a year.  We have come to the near conclusion, we were made for one another.  Many will read this and think “pfft, this guy need a white coat and pills” However, believe what you will.  See, I, like many others believed that true love was an illusion for just a stronger attraction than most, and at the same time propaganda for movies.  But this is different.  This is something that you can’s almost tangable.  And the best part is..her and I agree. 

I love her, with all my heart, and for the first time in my life, I know my lover feels the same (:


~ by Joseph Jackson on 10/29/2008.

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